Sunday, September 22, 2013

Big Springs Hike

Yesterday we decided to go on a little family outing... Abby successfully fought through another bout of croup early in the week and had been cooped up for too many days.  Kristen and I both came down with a little bit of a cold as well, but we thought it might do us all good to get outside for at least a few hours.

We headed up Provo Canyon to the Big Springs trailhead and hiked up about 3/4 of a mile before Abby had had enough of being carried.  She got down and started "hiking" up and down the trail, tumbling now and then, but mostly being very entertaining - and impressive on that uneven ground, I might add... :)

We took a few pictures and enjoyed the cooler weather and decided that we'd had enough success with the hike, so we headed back down in time for Abby to get just a touch cranky before we got to the car.  Practically perfect timing!

It was a really fun afternoon, and a lot of fun discovering Abby's natural gifts as a hiker.  Looking forward to more outdoor adventures with her in the future - at least we know she LOVES being outside!